Sunday, June 18, 2017

Death To Rodents!

I've been avoiding this blog like the plague for the past six months. Why? A whole lot of reasons. Most of them tedious. The nutshell explanation is that I had a whole boatload of extra obligations and the idea of one more was just suffocating. Now that choir season and the Printmaking class are over, I'm finally starting to feel my creative juices flowing again. So, time for blogging.

Right at the moment, I'm sitting around watching Genius with a heating pad on my giblets, a result of walking fifty pounds of death to rodents through a veritable population explosion of squirrels, chipmunks, and bunnies.

Kill! Kill! Kill!
It went super well. Which is why I'm laid up. Again. One of these days, I will be able to go about my business without, you know, managing to feel like someone's taken a hammer to my groin. I swear.

Being frequently sidelined has been pretty frustrating for me. Patience isn't exactly my forte, but I've been trying to listen to my own advice and find projects to occupy my mind when I'm incapable of exercising. Friday I started a 30 day photography challenge. It's been fun. I could see myself falling down this particular rabbit hole pretty happily. And as a bonus, it gets me out and moving.

Well, the pain killers have officially kicked in, and my brain is checking out for the moment. Hopefully a little light yoga tomorrow will set all right. But for right now, I'm worse than useless. Until later.