Friday, April 1, 2016

Meat Sweats

Word Search: Refuge of the Contagious
You know you’re in bad shape when you break out in the meat sweats with the mental and physical effort it takes to do a word search. That was me the past two days: a sweating mass of green phlegm. It’s why I’ve decided not to kick myself for breaking my 90+ day chain in the Magic Spreadsheet. I thought of writing while I was down sick. I really did. But plunking down 400 words?  My body. was sending me a firm “rest, you jackass” message. So I listened, for a change of pace.
And today was my first day back at work after all that phlegmy, green joy. Mainly I was focused on remaining upright and not making a royal cockup of anything I touched. Bear in mind that I’m still getting the meat sweats and my sinuses feel like they’re filled with burning This makes for a very, very long day. On a happy note, my direct supervisor treated the department to OJ and Cup of Soup. This made me disproportionately happy, and I am sending many good karma vibes her way.
This Photo Was Brought To You Via Flagrant Disregard To Cell Phone Policy

One thing I did manage to do while I was out sick that fell under the productive adulting category was review my incomplete NaNoWriMo rewrite from a year back. I abandoned it because, well, it felt idiotic. Turns out, it’s not. Actually, it’s kind of good. A long way from done, mind you, but not the steaming pile of horse manure that I had imagined it to be when I trunked it.
Funny what a little time and distance will do for your inner critic.
I think this weekend I’m going to spend a little time putting together a gameplan for finishing a proper draft of this novel. It’s time to stop being so damn self-critical and get some shit done for a change. I’m not going to worry about word count so much at the present, just getting back into a good working groove. 
Happy weekend.