Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Seriously guys, if human babies were anywhere near this cute, I would have like a dozen easy. You wouldn't think that eating a berry in super slow motion would make anything cuter, but it does. Exponentially.

Frankly, I think the whole slower = cuter thing is what my cat relies on because, to be quite blunt, he can be quite the little turd burger. We're talking about an animal who spent this Sunday afternoon alternating between trying to get me to feed him by licking any part of my body I left undefended (he had a full bowl of food that he did not deign to touch) and trying to tip over my glass of water (he had both the dog's bowl and his to choose from, but water spilled from my cup is always better). The fact that he does a passable impersonation of a slow loris; however, seems to cover all sins in my book.
If he had a shell, I think he might just be able to get away with murder.

Please nobody tell him. I want the dog to live.