Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Quitting Quitter Who Quits Quitting

Resolutions are pretty much bullshit. I don't think I'm writing anything here that people haven't heard a million times before. They tend to follow the gung ho to complete burnout cycle is the problem. Actually, Inertia is the real problem. It's hard as shit to change the weight of habit, no matter how ultimately self-destructive that habit may be. It takes time and energy and a metric ton of patience and foresight. Things I do not personally poses in spades.

I never was much into the whole New Year's resolution thing for these reasons. Basically, I just don't enjoy wasting cognitive energy on things that are only going to last a month or two. It's not fun. But as I get older and crankier, the idea of a fresh start gets more and more appealing, and that's what the whole New Year's thing is really about, a fresh start.

Ugh. I so didn't want to get suckered in, but there truly are some things I want to get changed.

I'd like to start publishing, for one. I'd like to get healthier, and I would like to be able to finish a 50 mile race. All of these things require discipline and shit. Ugh.

In many ways, a straightforward resolution would be easier. It would. I could burn through a bunch of activities and flail and quit. But that's not going to make me happy. It's not.

I have decided I need to be methodical about all this shit. Take the long view.

In my writing life, it's meant implementing the Magic Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet, if you haven't heard of it, is a great little resource for tracking productivity and incorporating a nice little element of gamification into the writing process. I am trying to make writing a daily habit, like brushing my teeth and not saying what I'm thinking.

Basically, it's the same approach I used to get myself to walk during most of my work lunches. I do well with incremental stuff. Anything that turns into a rut, so I feel that the Magic Spreadsheet will probably do the trick.

As far as the health issue is concerned, right now I'm working on slowly switching to a plant based diet. So far this week, I have mostly succeeded since the first of the year, and I do have to say that my energy levels and mood seem to be getting better already. I guess this is probably the closest thing I've done in the way of a traditional new year's resolution, but it was something I have been talking about for a while now.

Running then? Well, that's probably going to have to wait to start in earnest until the ice gets a little less ankle-breaky. I have seen a few people attempting it with some success, and more power to them, but not a one of them has Buster the idiot pit bull tethered to their wrist, and that does make a bit of a difference.

Saturday we're supposed to get rain, so that's out. If you've ever run with slush in your kicks, you damn well understand why. Sunday may well be workable, though.

Anyway. That's enough resolutioning for now. Wish me luck, y'all.