Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Broke Gal's Muscle Relaxers

 I managed to throw my back out putting my bra on Saturday morning, which is either a sign of the apocalypse or that I qualify for a medical breast reduction. (Please direct all comments in re. my boobs to the circular file located conveniently by your desk) So most of my plans for the weekend didn't exactly gel. Something about wrapping one's back in heating pads and ingesting fistfuls of Mydol (the broke gal's muscle relaxant) isn't too terribly conducive to getting much in the way of anything done, much less running. I take that back. It's great for getting abstract drool stains one the pillow case. That's about it.
So  I spent a chunk of my special wakey time working on a bran-spanken-new D & D campaign (5th edition) for my hooligans. I have been GMing for a good five years now on and off, and most of my stuff has been home brew with a lot of filching from prefab modules. Nothing revolutionary there. I expect that's probably run-of-the mill for most GM's.

This time I got a case of the crazies and started grand-scale world building shenanigans, complete with political conflicts and everything. Just thinking of the level of hurt I'm about to unleash on my players is making me all shivery with anticipation.

I've decided to make this an urban crawl. The premise is that my group are private constables and detectives, sort of along the lines of Pinkertons, in a large city run by a conquering empire. The political model is a satrapy, so we have a lot of potential for large and small scale political conflicts built in on the ground floor.

For the most part, my campaigns have been built along the sword-and-board medieval European model. For the first time, I'm stepping out of that model, and I'm finding it pretty invigorating. Hopefully it works out as well for the group, most of whom tend to enjoy a fairly chaotic play style most of the time. I will be incorporating some Dirty Harry style narrative threads, so hopefully that satisfies the communal need for fuckery. We'll see.

All in all, it almost feels like the weekend wasn't a total waste. Who knows? Maybe I should get idiotic injuries more often. Seems to be good for the old brain juices. Or maybe it was just the fist fulls of Mydol. Meh. Whatever. I'll take it.

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